Get Off the Grid in the Ozarks

The Ozark Hills of Northwest AR & SW MO are the perfect place to get off the grid.  Whether you really want off the grid or just want a better and more secure life for your family, this is the place.

The natural topography of the hills offer many safe retreats and that are perfect for self-sustaining living.  These hills are secluded and away from major population centers and offer low property taxes, great hunting and fishing, land suitable for livestock, orchards and gardening, large parcels of national forest, treed areas for firewood, and caves & bluffs for protection.  Your family will feel safe here just like our family does.

The Rubidoux – Ozarks Natural Water Source

The Rubidoux, a large underground aquifer underneath the Ozarks Hills that covers 4 states; Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. The aquifer is replenished by annual rainfall that seeps thru the limestone rock above.

To access the aquifer, a well is drilled and a submersible pump brings the water to ground level.  Well depth carries with the difference in elevation of the Ozark Hills.

The Rubidoux, along with the Ozarks many native springs and caves, makes living off the land and off the grid easily attainable.  Get your real estate search started today at

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